We first opened our doors for business on February 2, 1994 in a 5,000 sq. foot rented building with a 10 color printing press and a rewinder.  It was 3 weeks before we had our first customer.

Today, we have 7 printing presses and customers in 42 states.


Our primary focus is, and always has been, customer service.  We will do everything possible to meet the needs of our customers. We do so without any extra charges for our time or any inconvenience that might be associated with schedule changes or rushes.  Because of our unique structure, our service people have an extremely high level of knowledge regarding every aspect of what it takes to produce a job, from choosing the best stock and adhesive to the fastest and most cost effective company to use for shipping.  As such, the need to communicate with multiple departments, as well as the potential communication breakdowns associated with that is eliminated.  What often takes several conversations with most label companies just to get a project started is most often accomplished on your initial phone call to us.

Once a project is started, there is no company better at follow through than we are.


By the way, our pricing is highly competitive too!